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Kids learning how to trade stocks, options, forex, indicies, futures, crypto currencies, bitcoin and eth

Young Forex Trading (YFT)

The Young Forex Traders program and community empowers young minds with a comprehensive education and mentorship in forex trading. Our mission is clear: to provide children aged 13 to 18 with a solid foundation in forex fundamentals, covering analysis, risk management, and market dynamics.

Through interactive lessons, exercises, and simulations, we create a supportive environment for young traders to learn and grow. Our experienced instructors guide students towards responsible trading, emphasizing informed decision-making and disciplined practices.

Our curriculum goes beyond forex skills, fostering critical thinking, decision-making, and financial responsibility. We cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, preparing students for future investment opportunities.

Contact us to learn more about the Young Forex Traders program and/or enroll your child to equip them with the tools for success in the forex market. Our transformative program nurtures valuable skills, ensuring a future of financial independence and achievement.


Our Services

This is a community, where like-minded individuals converge to cultivate knowledge and expand their wealth. Trust, integrity, and transparency form the bedrock of our platform, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing. At Wealth Building Empire, we are committed to providing comprehensive information and resources that empower our community on their journey to financial success. Join us as we embark on this collective pursuit of wealth-building and knowledge enrichment.

Market Financial Analyst analyzing charts

Adult Forex Trading program

Are you prepared to unlock your potential in the forex market? Our program is meticulously designed to teach you the ins and outs of trading.


In our personalized 1x1 sessions, we offer focused attention tailored to your unique learning style. In just 7 sessions or less, you'll acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to start earning in the forex market. Our seasoned instructors will guide you step-by-step, demystifying trading concepts and strategies.

Whether you're a beginner or have some trading experience, our lessons adapt to your specificneeds and learning pace. At Wealth Building Empire, we recognize that everyone learns at adifferent speed.

We are committed to providing a supportive and nurturing learning environment, taking the time
to ensure you grasp each concept fully before moving on. This empowers you to trade with
confidence and make informed decisions.

Join our Adult Forex Traders Education Program and embark on a transformative journey
towards financial independence. Let us equip you with the skills and knowledge to navigate the
forex market successfully.

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Real Time trade Alerts

We specialize in providing expert signals and trade ideas across a wide range of markets, including Forex, Stock-Options, Futures and Cryptocurrencies.


With our service, you gain access to valuable insights and real-time recommendations that can significantly enhance your trading strategies. Our team of experienced analysts diligently analyzes market trends, identifies potential opportunities, and delivers high quality signals directly to you.

Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out, our signals offer actionable information to help you make well-informed trading decisions. We understand that each market has its unique dynamics, which is why we cover multiple markets to cater to your diverse trading interests.

Our signals are based on thorough analysis, technical indicators, and market research, ensuring
accuracy and reliability. We strive to provide you with the most relevant and profitable trade
ideas to optimize your investment potential.

Join our service today and take advantage of our reliable signals in Forex, Stock-Options,
Futures and Crypto markets. With our expert guidance, you can navigate these markets with
confidence and maximize your trading success. Let us help you achieve your trading goals and
unlock the possibilities of profitable trades.

Analyzing Forex and stock market Data

Forex Managed Accounts Services

Understanding that not everyone has the time or expertise to actively trade in the forex market, we proudly present our Forex Managed Account services. Tailored for individuals who wish to earn while they learn to trade or those lacking the time for trading activities, this service offers a hassle-free and profitable trading experience.

Our team of skilled and experienced traders will navigate the forex market, execute trades, and manage risk on your behalf, ensuring that your investments are handled with expertise and care.

Moreover, our Forex Managed Account services present an opportunity to earn passive income.
While you focus on learning to trade or attend to other commitments, your investment can still
generate profits through our skilled trading strategies and comprehensive market analysis.


With our unique approach, we provide a consistent monthly payment dependent on the size of
your live account. Unlike profit splits, this ensures stability and transparency, allowing you to
plan and budget effectively. Experience the ease of managed forex trading with Wealth Building

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Get Funded program

With numerous trading prop firms emerging in the trading industry, navigating the challenges of trading assessments can be a formidable task. Recognizing this, we present our comprehensive Get Funded Program at Wealth Building Empire—a strategic initiative designed to furnish you with the essential knowledge and tools to kickstart your trading journey successfully.

In this program, we guide you through the crucial steps to secure funding from prop firms. Offering insights into the best prop firms to collaborate with, we assist you in making informed choices aligned with your trading goals. Additionally, we provide you with the skills and tools to enhance your trading experience, ensuring you have the right resources at your disposal.

Moreover, our program goes beyond guidance, offering coaching and support services to assist
you in passing the challenges. We focus on developing the skills and strategies necessary to
meet the funding criteria. With our expert guidance, you can significantly improve your chances
of successfully passing the challenge and securing the funding essential for growing your
trading career.

Take the initial stride towards achieving your financial goals and expedite your trading success
with Wealth Building Empire's Get Funded Program.

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