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Forex Plan

Gain exclusive benefits with our membership, providing you with:

*Access to our vibrant community discussion channel featuring tips and education.
*24/7 availability of mentors to guide you on your trading and wealth-building journey.
*A comprehensive trading guide upon sign-up to enhance your skills.
*Receive forex, indices and cryptocurrency signals delivering over 30,000 pips weekly for
informed trading and investment decisions.

Our Forex Community members gain access to the following services at discounted rates:
*1x1 live mentorship: Forget about watching pre-recorded videos.
*Get Funded Mentorship program at a fraction of the usual price.
*WBE-G-Arrows automated alerts.
*WBE-G-Copy Trading and Account management services while you learn.
*Investment planning and finance coaching if/when needed.

Unlock the full potential of your financial journey with our membership!

Data Analyst

Monthly Pass


Trading Floor

Signals Only


Financial Analyst

Quaterly Pass


Business Meeting

WBE-G-Arrows Automated Alerts Only


Analysing data

6 Months Pass


Bar Chart

1x1 Mentorship


A woman at the office overlooking the city skyline

Annual Pass


Other services under Forex plan (offered at an extra cost):

*1x1 live mentorship (Adult Forex and Young Forex Traders’ mentorship)
*Get-Funded Mentorship Program
*G-Arrows Auto signals and live Trading system
*Copy Trading/Account Management services while you learn

Stocks/Options Plan

Enroll in our stocks/options plan and access a comprehensive range of benefits:

*Bi-weekly live training sessions for hands-on learning.
*Real-time alerts to keep you updated on market movements.
*Stock Alerts, Options Alerts, and Crypto Alerts for diverse investment opportunities.
*Long-term stock recommendations for sustainable growth.
*Dividend stocks to enhance your portfolio.
*Engage in our Small Account Challenge to test and refine your skills.
*Access an Education channel featuring books and courses to deepen your knowledge.
*Connect with our vibrant Member Chat/Community for collaboration and insights.
*Stay informed with our Earnings Calendar and News updates.

A man pointing at his laptop screen

Monthly Pass


A woman looking at charts on the screen

LifeTime Pass




Membership Refund Policy

Our refund policy remains firm and in accordance with our terms and conditions.
We do not issue refunds for any of our services or products. Once you have
accessed and benefited from the knowledge and resources shared during your
time with us, it cannot be returned.

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